Full Name
Andrea Harrison
Job Title
Senior Director
OCTO Incubation
Speaker Bio
Andrea has 30+ years of experience working with Microsoft, focusing on developing new category and product innovations that drive growth. She was pivotal in helping Microsoft open new markets internationally and was a member of the innovation team for Bill Gates. With her strategic planning, marketing, user research and product management capabilities, she has supported new growth businesses including MSN & other Internet Properties (e.g., Expedia, Sidewalk.com, Carpoint/MSN Autos, MSNBC, Bing), Dynamics 365, as well as product ecosystems such as Developer evangelism. Andrea is responsible for working with Microsoft engineering teams across all disciplines to build their capabilities in finding the right product-to-market fit to delight end-users. Andrea, working from the Office of the CTO, currently leads teams through immersive experiences engaging customers’ unbiased feedback and resulting in deep customer empathy and a higher propensity to successfully launch great products and services. These start-up experiences coupled with her continual learning approach have made Andrea a catalyst of cultural change.
As a mother & wife, business leader & serial entrepreneur, Andrea is continually embracing change and looking for ways to positively impact her family, Microsoft, and the broader world.
Andrea Harrison