Full Name
Pavina Adunratanasee
Job Title
Smart Solutions Manager
Speaker Bio
Pavina Adunratanasee’s expertise has been focused technological innovation at the intersection of clean energy and electric mobility. She is actively engaged in the climate tech ecosystem as a fellow with Ondeck and a mentor with various climate tech organisations. In her current role as ‘Smart Solutions Manager’ at Iberdrola, she leads the commercialization of clean energy technologies to market. Prior to this, Pavina worked in renewables financing at Siemens Financial Services covering onshore wind development in the APAC region. Her other recent achievements include being selected by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) to participate in its flagship leadership program. Pavina recently delivered a talk on how democratising capital can accelerate technological innovation and get us to net-zero as part of the Tedx climate countdown leading up to COP26.

Pavina’s climate journey started as a graduate student in New York where her research was focused on the intersection of sustainable development, policy design, and capital mobilization. Pavina holds a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree from Columbia University (SIPA) specializing in 'Global Energy Policy'.
Pavina Adunratanasee