Full Name
Jeff Penrose
Job Title
Early Birds
Speaker Bio
With an initial background - complimented by an exemplary record – in the Australian Federal Police, Jeff has comprised an equally stellar career in the IT industry working across an array of companies including Fujitsu, Silverlake, Oracle and IBM.
Jeff has taken on and succeeded in roles requiring him to install and utilize investigative analysis software products that provide solutions to more than 2,000 organisations worldwide; oversee complex
software that helps the criminal justice system adopt a holistic, outcome-focused approach to fight crime and build civil harmony, as well as leading implementation of IBM’s safer planter portfolio which cleverly helps make mission critical decisions quicker, more effective, and reliable.
Jeff has also been an instrumental player in helping clients transform the way their IT is built, consumed, and managed. His knowledge is second to none in the IT industry having built a career from the ground up.
Jeff has worked in both the private and public sector building up an impressive array of contacts, business associates, while compiling strategic relationships with state and federal governments.
He is an experienced, highly motivated, and enthusiastic private and public sector leader and manager experienced in IT start-ups, large multinationals, systems integration, consulting and a law enforcement domain expert.
Jeff has significant international IT business development, sales and implementation experience in the private and public sectors covering enterprise solutions, cloud, XaaS in diverse domains.
In partnership with Kris Poria, they have formed EarlyBirds - a global platform and business model that connects tech innovators, start-ups, along with independent experts, to share expertise and knowledge, to enable businesses to upscale quicker.
EarlyBirds helps companies by providing capability solutions within a trusted networking platform to millions of businesses around the world. The platform allows early adopter technical issues to be solved quickly by experts providing solution options. This is complimented by innovation programs, products, and services on offer to allow newish companies to see what the global market is doing. Finally, subject matter experts are welcomed onto the platform to work with customers to deliver business-focused outcomes. This helps improve the innovation lifecycle and enable any products or services to come to life quicker.
There are already over 3 million innovators on the platform: 600 companies and more than 100 SME consultants with the numbers growing quickly. The key going forward for EarlyBirds is to continue to add value to all providers on the platform and learning fast.
Jeff’s subject matter knowledge, passion, vision, and boundless energy are unsurpassed meaning that the EarlyBirds platform will only continue its journey around the world acquiring customers at a rapid rate of knots, as it becomes the obvious choice for custom-made solutions for all parties involved.
Jeff Penrose