Full Name
Christine Moon
Job Title
Co-Founder & President
Speaker Bio
Christine Moon, Co-Founder & President, BlueSpace.ai providing AV(autonomous vehicle) software powering the future of urban mobility

Over 15 years experience at hypergrowth Silicon Valley companies: Google, Dropbox (Sequoia backed, IPOed), Color Genomics (General Catalyst backed), and drive.ai (NEA backed, acquired by Apple).

BlueSpace.ai is leveraging 4D sensors to provide the safety layer for self-driving vehicles without the need to characterize outlier cases with traditional AV DL/ML methods. We have patented and built a working solution allowing us to "see" the velocity of all objects and in all directions.

“BlueSpace’s technology will make possible the AV industry’s commercialization years sooner with their game-changing 4D predictive perception solution.”

Fulbright Scholar, Rotary Scholar, Yale Fellow, Yale University, Yonsei University
Christine Moon