Full Name
Joshua Pritchard
Job Title
Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Speaker Bio
Joshua seemingly eclectic professional and personal life has led him to a cross-professional eye for innovation that seems to mirror the changing status quo of traditional pathways to entrepreneurship.
Following a life-long fascination of emerging technologies, mathematics, design & physics – Joshua went on to pursue a pathway in Academia, one that would find him studying (and subsequently dropping out between mining swings) fields across nanotechnology, computer science & biotechnology, whilst pursuing a career in the material handling space in Western Australia.
Joshua’s’ aptitude for innovation and exploration led him around the world working through Central America, Philippines & Throughout the South Pacific. Which upon return for travel ignited his drive for innovation further, and the foundations of EZTRACK – Automated Conveyor Solutions were born.
Throughout his career in Mining, he worked from Conveyor Tech through to Area Coordinator for a Billion-dollar mining services company in an accelerated fashion, under guidance from experts in the space throughout Industry.
Seeing the ramifications of outdated technologies and practices utilized in the material handling space firsthand has led Joshua to his firm belief of the automation of high-risk activities. Through implementing automation processes that utilize emerging and disruptive technology such as machine learning, sensors, and mechatronics.
His ultimate goals are to reduce the overall Carbon footprint of the Mining industry, as well as increasing its efficiency and overall longevity of production with a minimization of risk to the people on the ground floor.
Joshua Pritchard