Full Name
Mark Atkinson
Job Title
Chair of the Energy Work Stream
Internet of Things Alliance Australia (IoTAA)
Speaker Bio
I was a founder member of the Internet of Things Alliance Australia (IoTAA). I have contributed to the formation of IoTAA approach to engaging in the utility space and ensuring collaboration of government, educational institutions and private enterprise. Currently I am the Chair of the Energy Work Stream within the Internet of Things Alliance Australia (IoTAA) which covers both Energy & Mining industries.

Within IoTAA I contribute as part of the Executive Council collaborating with other Alliance activity including strategy, contribution to policy, showcase projects and on the Judging Panel for the Annual Impact Awards.

In my professional career I am an Electrical Engineer (UNSW). I have a passion about technology innovation bringing benefit to business and the community. I have held key roles in the Defence-Aerospace Industry responsible for mission critical communications platforms and developing innovative flexible communications solutions. I lead the development of the first all-digital mission critical communications platform, significantly reducing stress in the use of mission critical communications such as air traffic control. I also worked on the implementation of mobile network business innovation including business systems (new generation billing), application innovation and new business models.

More recently I have focussed on IoT innovation that brings fantastic outcomes. Working in smart grid enablement, smart cities and other IoT applications. I feel that the challenges of integrating renewables into the Grid present a great opportunity for the IoT community to bring solutions to real world problems. That said – I see it as critical that we take a technology agnostic approach to IoT innovation and solutions – being rational about the use of the right technology for the outcome desired.
Mark Atkinson